What We Do

We help women remember the ancient wisdom, collective sisterhood and self-care practices that made our ancestors strong. With ritual and ceremony, we mark the major phases throughout a woman's life and invite a deep shedding of who you 'should' be, so you can become who you are. We facilitate and live according to the songs in our heart.



We facilitate various gatherings to support and connect women of all ages and stages, including a monthly full moon circle, circles for Mothers, circles to celebrate your period, circles to honour menopause

Individually, we offer one-on-one guidance for fertility, birthing, postpartum, and women's general health.


We're passionate about so many things, really. But mainly sisterhood, nature's cycles, birthing, postpartum, motherhood, herbs and magic.

This blog is a place where our inspiration manifests in the beauty of words, art and poetry.