Mamas, this is a series of two weekly circles where we'll come together in a safe space to share honestly, reflect tenderly and nurture our transition into the role of Mother.

Through storytelling, bearing witness and a deep dive into the power of sisterhood, we see postpartum as healing and transformative rather than something to overcome. 

Each week of this series offers a ritual steeped in self care and magic. You'll be invited to connect with your heart and with each other so together, we can honour our role as Mother.

If you’re drowning in Motherhood, consider this your life jacket.

MODULE 1: Birthing A Mama, Feb 1 & 8, 10:30-11:30am

MODULE 2: Mothermorphosis, dates tbd.

MODULE 3: Mothering the Mother, dates tbd.

Held at The Institute of Traditional Medicine, 553 Queen St West, Toronto.

Investment: $60 + tax for both Circles - this includes self care supplies for rituals. $35 + tax for one Circle. Bring a pregnant friend for FREE! (cause we're startin' a community here! Oh...and let's remove some of that Motherhood shock that first time Mama's get, shall we?)

*** In many offerings for women, children are not welcome. We feel that having children present teaches everyone the real meaning of community. Your little ones are welcome here. All ages and stages of mothers & children welcome.