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Moontime & Fertility Support

Reconnecting with and rebalancing your menstrual cycle to aid in all types of women's health issues. Sessions include but are not limited to fertility struggles, irregular menstruation, cysts, fibroids, endometriosis and amenorrhea. This support is focused on the use of plant medicines, hands-on energetic work, prescribed chi-gong exercises and personalized ritual work.

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Spiritually Birthing

Looking for something to take you deeper into your birthing preparations? This prep work will guide you deep into your psyche to help relieve fears, understand the spiritual guides surrounding your birth and your baby, as well as give techniques to guide you towards feeling how you want during your labour and birth.

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Belly Blessings & Pregnancy Rituals

A belly blessing, or blessing way, is a celebration focusing on the transition into motherhood and on supporting and preparing the mother spiritually and emotionally for the event of childbirth. It's very different from a baby shower as value is placed on spiritual gifts, instead of material gifts. Imagine flower petals, massage, ritual and expression of dreams and intentions.

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Postpartum Support

Postpartum is a time to rest, recover and bond with your new bundle. It is not a time to overcome quickly. Let us support you in this precious time with food as medicine, specifically cooked for the postpartum mother. L:earn about breast health, boosting your breastmilk's nutrients and supply, and teachings around herbal sitz baths and vaginal steams to aid in your healing.

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Adjusting to Motherhood

These sessions are geared any Mom who is feeling stuck or having a hard time adjusting to the role of Mother. Sessions include a heart to heart chat and guidance on the spiritual perspective of Motherhood, a Reiki treatment, and sound healing to help you deeply relax.

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Goddess Centred Energy Work

These Goddess centred energy treatments use systems of Japanese (Reiki) and Egyptian (Seichim) decent - they focus specifically on support for women. Together, we channel the wisdom of the Goddess from a variety of traditions to aid in clarity, empowerment, creativity and claiming this body as a temple.

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