Postpartum Support

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Postpartum Support


Postpartum is a time to rest, recover and bond with your new bundle. It is not a time to overcome quickly. Let us support you in this precious time with food as medicine, specifically cooked for the postpartum mother. L:earn about breast health, boosting your breastmilk's nutrients and supply, and teachings around herbal sitz baths and vaginal steams to aid in your healing.

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Facilitated by Deslee

So often new mothers are pressured to get up and out of the house right after the baby is born. I would like to teach that there is another way. A way that is gentle and slow, but oh so powerful.

I have been studying Traditional Chinese Medicine for the last twelve years. The philosophy of healing that is the foundation of this study is rooted in honouring the cycles of ones life and the relationship we have with both the inner and outer seasons. Because of this philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine takes special care to look after a woman after she has given birth. In my own pregnancy and  birthing experience, I gathered with Donna before the birth to make nourishing soups to freeze for when baby came, I had my teacher at our house for the birth of our son to support me with acupuncture and foods to help with the birth and women from our community came by with herbal blends to use both internally and as sits baths to help with recovery after birth. The entire experience left me feeling prepared, supported and loved. Right at the time in my life when I was feeling the most raw and vulnerable. The preparation of food and herbs allowed me the space to heal in my own time as well as give my partner and I the space to nestle in and meet our son.

I now wish to offer this support to other women.

After a consultation, I will: 

  • prepare some healing foods for you to freeze and eat when baby arrives

  • give you recipes of other easy snacks you can grab on the go while learning your flow with baby

  • give teachings on the importance of a rest period after baby arrives and how you can navigate this time with family and friends

  • blend herbs for sits baths to help with healing after birth

  • make personalized infused massage oils for both you and baby

  • visit your house to provide hands on energetic treatments

  • if a load of laundry needs to go in, or a sink of dirty dishes needs doing, that will get done so that you can have time getting to know your little one instead



$90 + tax per session + the cost of food. 

Package of multiple sessions available for discounted rates.

Sessions are 45min - 1 hour in length.