Facilitated by Donna.

During her pregnancy, Donna was looking for something deeper than pre-natal classes. She valued knowing what to physically expect, but wanted a more soulful connection; she wanted to trust the ancestral wisdom of her body, to connect to the spiritual guides surrounding her baby and her birth,  to feel her baby's needs, and most of all, she wanted to trust the process.

Through meditation, psychology, shamanism, mystery schools and personal ritual, Donna discovered and created techniques to feel secure in her birthing process. She found that simply repeating "I am confident" was sweeping fears 'under the rug.' Her doula work had taught her that fear, whether conscious or unconscious, can slow the labour process. 

These sessions are not Hypnobirthing or pre-natal classes. They are specifically focused to help you go deep within to find your inner wisdom and personal empowerment.

Sessions may be in person or via Skype/FaceTime.


  • ways to deeply connect to your baby in preparation for birth.

  • techniques to help you listen to your own inherent wisdom.

  • the death of your 'maiden' side and the grieving process that surrounds this.

  • your birth as a Mother and the new feelings arising.

  • connecting with the spirit guides surrounding your birth.

  • daily meditations supporting your upcoming birth.

  • how patterns of life may arise in birth.

  • ways to deal with the waiting period at the end of pregnancy.

  • looking at language as a way to feel empowered.

  • the use of mantras.

  • the use of labyrinths.

  • understanding your fears and hopes for the birthing process.

  • learning to release attachment to any ideas you might have surrounding birth.

Sessions are 45min - 1 hour in length.

Spiritual Birthing: 1 session
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Or save $30 by booking a package of three:

Spiritual Birthing: 3 sessions
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