"Donna made my pregnancy such an empowering, beautiful and positive experience with her incredible birth preparation coaching and energy work.

Highly skilled, fearlessly loving, supportive, and generous with her gifts, Donna is the kind of woman I would want by my side through anything.

Her ability to integrate the mental, physical, and spiritual to unlock true strength and growth blew me away. She was my motherhood identity midwife, helping me prepare for this new role with such strength and skill that I am forever grateful. Donna has my utmost respect, love and thanks."

— Amy Douglas, Life Coach


I was given the worst possible news: "Your child has cancer." My world instantly collapsed. I went on a journey to find ways to heal us both and I came across this amazing woman, Deslee. After our visits with her, he was a completely different baby - calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. I'm sure she even did some work on me as I sat there in tears holding my baby.

My son is now cancer free! Had I not found Deslee, I honestly don't know how I would have found the strength to go through everything.  Deslee gave my son and myself a simple gift of strength, faith and belief. I found more and more of myself at every appointment with her.  I am forever thankful for Deslee and her gifts.

— Terrie Dixon, Mother of three