We help women remember the ancient wisdom, collective sisterhood and self-care practices that made our ancestors strong. With ritual and ceremony, we mark the major phases throughout a woman's life and invite a deep shedding of who you 'should' be, so you can become who you are. 

By making a conscious decision to mark these life phases with one another, we move out of isolation and into our place, together, as Matriarchs.



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First Moon Cycle

The passage from girl to young woman is not only a physical metamorphosis, but also an emotional and spiritual one. This two part ceremony is the first initiation on the road of life a woman walks.


Honouring Motherhood

These circles are a place for mothers to come together in a safe space to share, reflect, nurture and connect. Each week offers a ritual steeped in self care and magic. Here, postpartum is seen as healing and transformative rather than something to overcome. 


Honouring Menopause

A workshop designed to honour the passing of time when a woman's body no longer needs to ebb and flow with the Moon's tides. At this time, a woman's body now contains all of the wisdom of Mother Moon.